South African Children’s Cancer Study Group

SIOP - PODC Workshops


Monday 5th October
Faculty Dinner 19h00 at Convenor's Residence
Tuesday 6th October
Registration 07h00 - 08h00
UCT Wolfson Pavilion Lecture Theatre
08h00 - 08h10 Welcome (Marc Hendricks & Jeanette Parkes)
08h10 - 09h30 Introductory Sessions
Multi-Disciplinary team assessment: the gains - Eric Bouffet (15 mins)
The paediatric radiologist in the oncology MDT - Tracy Kilborn (15 mins)
The paediatric pathologist in oncology MDT - Komala Pillay (15 mins)
Special considerations for treating children with radiotherapy - Yavuz Anacak (15 mins)
Sedation and anaesthesia in RT for children - Heidi Meyer (15 mins)
Radiotherapy late effects - Diana Steinmann (15 mins)
09h45 - 10h15 TEA

GSH X\RT Dept (10h30 - 13h00)

Practical workshop:
Divide into groups and rotate through stations:

1. Brain tumours: immobilisation and contouring
Rolf Kortmann

2. CSI & cranial prophylaxis
Verity Ahern / Natia Esiashvili

3. RT for retinoblastoma: Brachy vs. EBRT
Clare Stannard / Julie Wetter

4. Plan evaluation in Paed RT.
Hester Burger / Diana Steinmann

Barnard Fuller Post Graduate Rooms 1 or 2 or UCT WPLT
(10h15 - 12h20)


Session 1: Haemophilia

Haemophilia: State of the Art (30 + 10 mins) - Victor Blanchette

Case discussion (12 + 3 mins) - Anel van Zyl:

Teaching phlebotomy and home treatment in SA (12 + 3 mins) - Anne-Louise Cruikshank

Session 2: Sickle Cell


New TIF /SA Guidelines: a spring board for thalassaemia
guidelines in the developed world. (20 mins) Yasmin Goga

Case Discussion (12 + 3 mins) - Janet Poole

Case discussion (12 + 3 mins) - MonicaVaithilingum
12h30 - 13h30 LUNCH 12h20 - 13h00 LUNCH

Groote Schuur Hospital
14h00 - 15h30

5. Palliative care - examples
Thuran Naiker

6. RMS- H&N/pelvis
Yavuza Nacak / Natia Esiashvili

7. Ewing's sarcoma
Caroline Van Rij / Diana Steinmann

8. Flank, whole abdomen and whole lung RT
Christian Carrie

Wolfson Auditorium

(13h00 - 15h00)

Session 4: Leukaemia (60 mins)
Sheila Weitzman, Alan Davidson, David Reynders

Convenor AvE

Session 5: BMT (60 mins)
Alan Davidson,  David Reynders, Nic Novitzky

Convenor MH
15h30 - 15h45 TEA 15h00 - 15h20 TEA

(15h45 - 16h15) GSH
Tour of RT Department Vert demonstration
Jeannette Parkes / Julie Wetter

Transfer to Wolfson Pavilion for last session

(15h20 - 16h20)

Session 6: NHL (60 mins)
Catherine Patte, Peter Hesseling, Liz Molyneux

Convenor MH

(16h30 - 17h25)

Session 7: Nutrition and Cancer (55mins)
Liz Molyneux, Paul Rogers, Trijn Israels

Convenor Ann van Eyssen

Welcome Cocktail at Wolfson Pavilion 17h30

Wednesday 7 October 2015
UCT Wolfson Pavilion Lecture Theatre

Session 1 Oncology: Solid Tumours:  (08h00 - 10h00)

Module 1: Retinoblastoma (60 mins)

Karin Lecuona, Julie Wetter, Mariana Kruger

Convenors Julie Wetter / Karin Lecouna

Module 2: Sarcomas (60 mins)

Caron Strahlendorf, Richard Wood, Yavuz Anacak

Convenor Ann van Eyssen
TEA 10h00 - 10h20

Module 3: Neuroblastoma (60 mins)
Kate Matthay, Mark Gaze, Michelle Meiring

Convenor Marc Hendricks

Module 4: Wilma's Tumour (60mins)
Jeffrey Kotzen, Alastair Millar, Kathy Pritchard-Jones

Convenor Ann van Eyssen

LUNCH 12h30 - 13h30
13h30 - 13h50: Genetics and epigenetics of paediatric and brain tumours
Denise Sheer

Session 2: Neuro-Oncology: Session 3 (13h50-15h20)

Amar Gajjar, Simon Bailey, Tony Figaji, Verity Ahern, Michelle Carrihill

Module 5: Medullo blastoma (30 mins)
Module 6: Intracranial Germ Cell Tumours (30 mins)
Module 7 Low Grade Gliomas (30m mins)

Convenor: Jeanette Parkes

TEA 15h20 - 15h50
15h50 - 16h10: Rationalising molecular testing for brain tumours in the start –up laboratory
Simon Bailey

Session 3: Neuro-Oncology: Session 4 (16H10-17H40)

Eric Bouffet, Rolf Kortmann, Liewellyn Padayachee, Ariane Spitaels

MModule 8: Ependymomas (30 mins)
Module 9: Spinal Tumours (30 mins)
Module 10:Craniopharyngiomas (30 mins)

Convenor: Jeanette Parkes

Closing and Thanks (Marc Hendricks & Jeanette Parkes)